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We try to have all functions as User Friendly as possible and we will appreciate if you will test it patiently and send us feedback, comments, suggestions, positive or negative, so that we will improve it as soon as possible. 

Here you can see the video clip introduction of our app:

We need testers worldwide: 

FREE 3 month + 1 month introduction price!

PickMeApp™️ Services would like to offer you all, worldwide, Professionals (Service Providers) and Customers (Service Seekers) a special Pre-Registration deal to Register your Services through our website for a very low monthly fee from $2 (instead of $10) + 3 Free months of subscription. 

For Customers (Service Seekers) it is totally FREE. 

We need testers all over the world, in different time zones and languages. 

This offer is limited until our Full Version will be launched worldwide. 

Later while we launch the full version worldwide you will be able to keep your low fee without any additional payment. 

Want to generate more revenue? 

Want to improve your business?

Do you need a professional to do any job for you at home or somewhere else?

Of course you do! 

We developed this unique app for you, PickMeApp™️ Services.

PickMeApp™️ Services is a worldwide app for projects and works to do. 

As a Customer: Order professionals to fix something, for lessons or anything needed to be done at home or at your work place. Direct Contact with nearby Professionals.

As a Professional: Register and get jobs directly from nearby Customers. 

More than 60 Categories available. 

* 3 Months Free, 

* No commissions. 

* Just a small monthly fee.

Thank You,

PickMeApp Team